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Where to Begin..

Posted on Mar.12,2013

  Of course the first place I started was daydreaming (aka pinterest roaming) on chic designs for my balcony.. Although pinning pictures of what resembles an Anthropology store’s window display is inspiring, it is not enough to get the ball rolling!   The first thing to do is commit and Secure A Spot.  Since we are apartment dwellers, our local community garden was the way to go. We found out about our community garden by looking at our town’s website. You can also search for a spot using a site like this one.   Our plot is quite large at 20×20 feet, so we will have lots of room to experiment. On, they...

Garden Diaries

Posted on Mar.4,2013

This year, we are starting our very first garden.We purchased a plot for the season at our local community garden. $50 secured a 20×20 feet of space for April- December. From what I hear, 400sq ft for a first timer is quite ambitious! Challenge accepted. In addition, we are going all herbal on the balcony. My hopes are that by mid-summer, I will be able to make a mojito simply by plucking a few of my homegrown mint leaves and perhaps muddling my own strawberries too. So far, I have found that there are not many concise resources for newbies who are trying to discover those mysterious “green thumbs”....